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There is a one-time set-up fee of $200 to register Private Health Services Plan as a Health & Welfare Trust. There are no additional costs for incorporated companies or individuals to maintain their plan. Everyone pays a 10% administration fee + GST [on administration fee only] on actual expenses submitted through their plan. For example, if you spend $1000 on healthcare or dental expenses, you would submit $1000 + 10% + GST = $1107 to the trust administrator who would refund a cheque to you for $1000, keep the 10% adminstration fee and pass the GST to the government. Your total tax receipt for this expense is $1100 which is fully tax deductible to your corporation.

Unincorporated/Self-employed individuals

Sole proprietors pay the same one-time set-up fee of $200 to register their Private Health Services Plan as a health and welfare trust. There is a small additional ongoing cost for "BIZFLEX PLUS" in order for the sole proprietor to satisfy the rules for such a plan. "BIZFLEX PLUS" is a catastrophic health plan with a high deductible, along with a no deductible out of province travel plan designed to meet the requirements of a Private Health Services Plan.

The following outlines the cost of "BIZFLEX PLUS". Please note that this coverage is mandatory for sole proprietors but is optional for those who are incorporated.

Plan 1 - $1,500 Deductible

Plan 2 - $5,000 Deductible

























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